The goal was to find an archetypal form for a noble piano. The result: an instrument whose clean contour is evocative of the reduced form of a bridge.

The employed materials present a harmonious contrast: a glossy coating for the front surface, accented by wood on the outer frame. The form gains depth through the recessed front.

It was created through the close cooperation of the designer and the highly qualified Sauter piano makers. Cubist, accented: this is Accento.


Finishes: The photos show the variety of Accento designs available – ranging from classic tone-on-tone combinations to captivating black-and-white contrasts.

1. Black polished front with black-stained ash body, 2. White matte front with black-stained ash body, 3. white polished front with white-stained ash body.

Details: 4. The keyboard is perfectly integrated in the niche born by the recess. It is supported by two consoles made of chromed steel. It is, however, also available in a model without consoles. 

5. Peter Maly’s initial sketch of the design.

Specifications:   Practice pedal (damping pedal), wide dynamic range thanks to a new construction with generously proportioned sound board made of selected mountain spruce


 Height: 119 cm, Width: 156 cm, Depth: 60 cm, Weights: 220 kg without consoles, 230 kg with consoles

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