Reduction to the essential was the clearly defined goal of this design. There are no embellishments or unnecessary lines to be found on this piano. The instrument is characterized by the clarity and beauty of an archetypal form. Straight lines, cubist, timeless: Concent.

A powerful frame encloses the expanse of the front and gives the form depth and structure. This characteristic detail gives rise to the elegant, memorable form of the Concent.

The serenity of the modern living environment was the intended home of the Concent, which fits beautifully into such contemporary spaces. In addition to the classic black finish pictured here, the instrument is available in white or in various wood finishes upon request.


Finishes: 1. black gloss 2. ash, black satin

Details: 3. Factus bench. Designed by Peter Maly. Height-adjustable piano bench. Base frame constructed of rectangular steel bars emphasizing straight lines. Glossy or matte chrome finish. Upholstered in black or white leather.

4. The lid on the piano opens to form a winged profile to direct the sound into the room.

5. The elongated grip for opening the fallboard and the chrome-plated feet are examples of the characteristic details of the Concent.

Specifications:   Sostenuto pedal, wide dynamic range thanks to a new construction with generously proportioned sound board made of selected mountain spruce.


119 cm high, 152 cm wide, 59.5 cm deep, Weight: 220 kg

124 cm high, 152 cm wide, 59.5 cm deep, Weight: 240 kg